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Tech Papers

Active Engine Noise Enhancement
Active Noise Canceling
Alternators and Batteries
Amp Output Voltage Charts
Amp Output Voltage Charts
Amplifier Power Testing
Battery Wiring in Series and Parallel
Boost Converter Power Supply
Box Designs
Building a simple RTA and testing speaker outputs
Crossovers IQ
FIT Inputs
Front Row
Gain Setting
Gain Setting KXA Series Amps
How To Avoid Noise When Installing RGB LEDs
How to Connect to the Hideaway
Introduction to Equalization
KEY180 white paper
KEY200.4 white paper
KEY Amplifier a-b switch
KEY Vehicle Applications
KEYLOC Smart Line-Out Converter
Marine Audio Best Practices
Marine Installs- Needed Tools
KICKER KMC5 Marine Media Center and NMEA 2000®
Passive Radiators
Power Wire - The Importance of Good Wire
Properly Tuning a System with a Real Time Analyzer
PXA300.4 Setup Bridging
RGB LED Noise Issues
SHOCwave - What is it?
Speaker Wiring in Series and Parallel
SUM8 OEM Integration Solution
SUM8 Remote Trigger Buffer
System Diagram Form-Car 2020
System Diagram Form-Car 2020 Espanol
System Diagram Form-Center Console Boat 2020
System Diagram Form-Motorcycle 2020
System Diagram Form-Pontoon Boat 2020
System Diagram Form-SpeedBoat 2020.pdf
System Diagram Form-Truck 2020
System Diagram Form-Truck 2020 Espanol
System Diagram Form-UTV 2020
System Diagram Form-UTV 2020 Espanol
Tuning Chart
Wire Upgrade - The Big 3
Warhorse White Paper
Why KICKER Amps Are The Best & SD Amp vs Brazilian Designed Amplifiers
Why Square Subwoofers?




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